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PolexTM MODEL eCOMPACT 6000 7.5 kW 80 L

Compact Shaker Filter dust Collectors

The Polex Shaker Bag Filter series is of a robust and efficient range of dust collectors. Shaker systems are suited to applications with intermittent operation to enable regular cleaning. No compressed air is required for these systems.

Operating Principle
Polluted air enters through the hopper and is directed through an array of heavy-dutyfilters. An extraction fan is housed in an acoustically lined chamber at the top of the unit which draws the dusty air through the filters and discharges the cleaned air to atmosphere or discharge ductwork.

Cleaning Mechanism
Cleaning is accomplished by a vibrating motor shaking the frame from which the filterbags are suspended for a preset time. The vibration produced shakes off the dust cake. The extraction fan must be off for the shaker cleaning cycle to commence.

Antistatic Polyester needlefelt.

Bolt-together 1.6mm thick sheetmetal panel construction. Durable powdercoated finish.

Most dust types.


  • Explosion vents
  • Ducting
  • Silencers
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hazardous zone rated motors
  • Compliant with NSW Department of Commerce dust collector specifications
  • Compact all-in-one design
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Supplied complete with start-stop controls
  • Ideal for workshops in Schools, Tafe Colleges and Universities

Dust Collector

Model eCOMPACT 6000
Type Shaker
Capacity 5,4000 m3/h @ 3,000 Pa
Overall Dimensions ~1,580 x 970 x 2,750 mm high
Inlet Diameter 2 x 225 mm dia


Motor power 7.5 kW
Motor speed 2800 rpm
Full load current 13.4 A


Type Cylindrical bag
Material Antistatic Polyester needlefelt 550 g/m2
Total Filter Area 42 m2


Control panel Star-delta motor starter
Bin 2 x 80 L

Construction Details

Construction Material Mild Steel
Finish Powder coated

Important note: Fires and dust explosions can be caused by various ignition sources including sparks and optimum dust concentrations etc. We recommend fitting dust collectors with explosion vents and locating them outside of buildings to reduce the risk of damage to property and personnel in the event of an explosion or fire.

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