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Polex™ Fume Arm

Polex Fume Arms
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • High capture efficiency
  • Sturdy construction
  • Up to 2,000m3/h airflow capacity
  • 150mm, 180mm and 200mm dia options
  • From 1.5m to 4m arm length
  • Stainless steel version available
  • Food-grade flexible elbows available
  • Antistatic flexible elbows available
  • Light and switch option available

The Polex range of fume arms is designed for the extraction of vapours, welding smoke, oil fumes and various dusts.

Operating Principle
The polluted air enters the hood and travels through the metalducts and flexible joints. The polluted air can then be filtered ordirectly discharged to atmosphere, depending of the nature ofthe pollutant.

The arm can be rotated by 360o for maximum flexibility. Alljoints are kept external to the air stream to minimise pressurelosses and build-up of pollutants within the arm.

Airflow can be manually regulated by adjusting the damper fittedwithin the arm.

Light-gauge Galvanised sheetmetal rigid duct.
Flexible elbows manufactured from abrasion resistant flexible duct.
Cast Aluminium rotating bearing and articulated joints.

Mounting Options

  • Wall bracket
  • Ceiling bracket
  • Support column
  • Sliding duct
  • Direct coupling to fan


  • Welding smoke
  • Food powders
  • Stone masonry dusts
  • Chemical fumes

Model Diameter (mm) Arm Length (mm) Maximum Reach (m) Recommended
Air-flow (m3/h)*
A150/1.5 150 1500 1200 1,200
A150/2 150 2000 1500 1,200
A150/3 150 3000 2450 1,200
A150/4 150 4000 3500 1,200
A180/3 180 3000 2900 1,500
A180/4 180 4000 3500 1,500
A200/3 200 30000 3500 1,700
A200/4 200 4000 3500 1,700

* Airflows in table are for welding applications only. For other applications, please contact Polex.

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