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Oil Mist Filter Series

Polex Oil Mist Filter Series

The Coral NOIL filter unit has been made to purify air inworking premises where oily fumes are produced, and torecover and allow the recycling of the oil.

Operating Principle
Thanks to the joint use of a BIA tested USG, C rated cellulosepre-filter and polyester filter, up to 98% (average) captureof all oil particles is guaranteed. The filtered air is thenrecycled back into the work premises.The filtered oil collected in the low part of the separator isdrained out through the oil outlet which guarantees high oilrecovery.The oil outlet must always be connected into an oil recyclingtank so that there is no air escape.The NOIL separator is very solid and has reduced dimensionsthanks to the inside mounting of the ventilator, allowingeasy adaptability to all machine tools.


  • 1.2 thick rolled mild steel construction
  • Painted finish

Lathes, threading machines, gear cutting machines, rotarypresses, ink smoke and many more.

In case of heavy duty use where smoke is present we suggestto use the post-filter comprising of a BIA tested USG, CTeflon coated cartridge.

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