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Particulate scrubber

The Polex range of particulate scrubbers is designed for the filtering ofhygroscopic dusts, explosive dusts and dusts from environments wheremoisture is present. Conventional dry-type filters often require regularmaintenance in these environments. A wet scrubber system however canrun continuously without blocking. They can then simply be cleaned byhosing out through the access doors.

Operating Principal
The polluted air first enters the scrubber through a 90o bend and is interceptedby an array of water droplets. The air is accelerated as it entersthe scrubber by a venturi plate to increase the number of collisions withthe water droplets. Water is recirculated from the water tank to the sprayjets. Some of the particles drop out into the water tank below at thisstage. The remainder of the combined air-water mixture travels through tothe perforated baffle. The water that passes through here produces adam of water which acts as another stage of filtration. Finally, the airwatermixture enters a mist eliminator to remove any moisture present inthe air stream. Sludge forms in the collection tank below.


  • Food powders
  • Brick dust
  • Metal grinding


Model WS4500
Type Venturi
Capacity 4,500 m3/h @ 3,000 Pa
Overall Dimensions ~1,050 x 1375 x 4,200 mm high
Inlet Diameter 350 mm


Motor power 75 kW
Motor speed 2800 rpm
Full load current 13.3 A


Type Water Spray jet


Motor starter 7.5 kW Star-Delta


Type Centrifugal, ss316, hard faced seal
Motor power 0.75 kW, 3 phase

Construction Details

Construction Material Stainless Steel 304
Finish 2B

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