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PolexTM Model High Vacuum Fixed

Compact High Vacuum Dust Collectors

The High Vacuum Reverse-Pulse Bag Filter series is of a robust and efficient range ofdust collectors. Tubular filters permit reliable dust release. These systems are ideallysuited to high vacuum continuous operation.

Operating Principal
Polluted air enters through the hopper and is directed through the array of tubular filters.Larger particles drop out into the hopper while lighter and finer particles continue to the array of filters. The cleaned air is then discharged to atmosphere or through discharge ductwork.

Cleaning Mechanism
Compressed air is ejected through a series of solenoid valves which travel througheach row of filters. The air causes the dust to fall off the filters and collect in the bin below.

Polyester needlefelt.

3 mm thick welded mild steel construction. Painted finish.


  • Pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Industrial centrally ducted vacuum systems.
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Available in Stainless Steel

Dust Collector

Type Reverse-pulse
Overall Dimensions ~830 mm dia x 2000 mm high
Discharge Diameter 100 mm


Voltage 24VDC
Quantity 4
Control System Electronic pulse sequencing


Fans Inlet Plenum
Rotar Valves Service platform
Silencers Bin level sensors


Quantity 4
Material Polyester needlefelt
Diameter 120 mm
Length 1000 mm
Total Filter Area 4.5 m2

Construction Details

Consttruction Material Minimum 3mm thick mild steel
Finish Painted


Explosion vents Stainless Steel
Magneelic gauges Dampers
Antistatic cartridges PTFE cartridges

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