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MDC 24000 PTM 30 kW (tall version)

Reverse Pulse Dust Collector

MDC-P series is an intelligent dust collector that automatically andcontinuously self cleans its filter bags with a reverse pulse action.The MDC-P is available with airflow from 6,000 to 210,000 m3/h.

It has been designed in Australia by experienced engineers to suit Australian industry requirements for a dust collector that requires the minimumamount of labour and energy to operate.

The MDC-P is supplied standard with a Rotary Discharge Valve (or airlock).

The MDC-P is supplied standard with a High Efficiency Clean Air Fan that produces around 25% more air than conventional Fans and saves on energy costs.

The Variable Speed Drive (optional) is a fantastic energy saving device that lowers and increases the power consumption of the fan motor whenslide dampers are closed and opened.

Model MDC 24000 P TM 30 kW (tall)
Fan Motor 30 kW, 2 pole, 3 phase, 415 V, IP55
Air Flow Up to 24000 m3/h
Filter Area 100 m2
Rotary Valves 0.75 kW, 4 pole, 3 phase, 415 V, IP55
Pulse Valves 10 @ 240 VAC
Height 7330 mm
Width 2563 mm
Depth 2050 mm
Bin Size up to 3 m3
Control Panel 30 kW star-delta (or optional 30 kW VSD)

Important note: Fires and dust explosions can be caused by various ignition sources including sparks and optimum dust concentrations etc. We recommend fitting dust collectors with explosion vents and locating them outside of buildings to reduce the risk of damage to property and personnel in the event of an explosion or fire.

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