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PolexTM Rotary Separators Series

Rotary Separators

The Polex Rotary Separator series is specifically suited to applications where trim is to be separated from an airstream and processedby compactors, briquetting machines or contained in bins. The most common trim applications are paper, cardboard, edgingtrim and Aluminium foil. The perforated rotating impeller permits continuous, blockage-free operation.

Trim laden air enters through an inlet in the main body and is directed onto an inclined perforated plate. The trim waste drops outinto the hopper while the air continues through the perforated plate. This cleaned air is then discharged to atmosphere or through dischargeductwork.

The rubber tips are easily replaceable from several locations around the rotary separator. The perforated screens can also beeasily changed for different particle sizes. For models RS10 and above, the gearbox is easily changed as the shaft is supported bybearings at both ends of the machine.


RS 2 2000 200 0.75
RS 5 5000 300 1.5
RS 10 10000 450 2.2
RS 20 20000 600 4
RS 40 40000 850 24
RS 50 50000 950 5.5

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