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PolexTM PF2000

Portable Fume Extraction Unit

Operating Principal
Contaminated air enters the PF2000 through the hood of the extraction arm.Polluted air is filtered by a 3-stage filtration cartridge. Clean air is re-circulated into the work area.

Cleaning Mechanism
Compressed air is ejected through a tube into the filter cartridge. The air causes the dust to fall off the filterss and collect in the tray below. This is pressed manually during or after operation.


  • Sturdy and robust
  • 1 mm to 3 mm thick welded mild steel construction
  • Powdercoated finish

Features and benefits

  • Easy filter removal
  • The PF2000 can be movable and fixed.
  • Single Phase, 230V Motor or 115V Motor.


  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Cutting
  • Sanding
  • Soldering

Dust Collector

Model PF2000
Type Reverse-pulse (manual)
Capacity 2,000 m3/h
Overall Dimensions ~530 D x 610 W x 1020 mm H
Inlet Diameter 1 x 160 mm dia


Motor power 0.75 kW
Motor speed 2800 rpm
Full load current 4.4 A


Type Cartridge
Material Polyester
Efficiency Up to 99.9%>


Electrical 240 VAC, 3 pin plug
Bin Dust tray


Diameter 160 mm diameter
Length 3 m extension

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