Recent Projects

Polex vehicle exhaust reels at Alcoa of Australia Ltd

Reverse-pulse dust collection system at Sims Group, Villawood

September 2008

Polex recently supplied and installed a fume extraction system at Alcoa of Australia Ltd in Western Australia.

Fume extraction was required as a result of exhaust fumes being generated from vehicles being serviced in the workshop. Exhaust fumes are both harmful to the health of operators and harmful to the environment.

Polex designed, supplied and installed several 1,000 m3/h airflow capacity spring-loaded retractable hose reels for direct connection to the exhaust pipes. The exhaust fumes are then discharged to atmosphere.

The reels have pressed sheetmetal construction with heavy duty springs, high temperature resistant hose and nozzles.

Polex equipment can be manufactured to suit specific space constraints. All equipment and systems manufactured by Polex are high quality and competitively priced.

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