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Reverse-pulse dust collector for Australian Plastics Reprocessing

Reverse-pulse dust collection system Australian Plastics ReprocessingReverse-Pulse dust collection system Australian Plastics Reprocessing

September 2009

Polex Modular dust collectors are used extensively throughout the recycling industry due to their robust construction and high performance characteristics.

Australian Plastics Reprocessing is a specialist recycling company located in Wetherill Park, NSW. One of their processes involves feeding waste compact discs into a shredder. A by-product of this operation is fine dust particles which disperse as airborne dust. Polex was contacted to supply an appropriate dust collection unit to extract and filter the fine dust. The shredder operation is continuous, making it essential that the dust collector operates continuously without any substantial reduction in airflow. Additionally, fine dust has the potential to quickly coat the filter media making a dust collector with on-line cleaning a necessity. Polex’s Modular reverse-pulse bag type dust collector was an obvious choice for this design criteria due to the on-line cleaning function built into the unit which addresses the continuous production and fine dust filtration criteria. Reverse-pulse units are ideal for continuous operation since the filters are cleaned while the fan is in operation.

Polex’s final equipment selection consisted of a Modular reverse-pulse bag type dust collector complete with 10 m2 of filter area, a 4 kW centrifugal fan with an airflow capacity of up to 2000 m3/h and waste discharged into a 185 L dust collection bin.

The type of ductwork selected by Polex to connect from the dust collector to the shredder was Ezi-Duct’s modular range of straight duct, bends and fittings. An important consideration for Polex’s selection of ductwork is smooth bore and clear internal surfaces, which Ezi-Duct is able to offer as part of their standard product range. These features minimise airflow resistance and prevent blockages.

Similar to smooth-bore ducting, Polex Modular dust collectors have been designed with smooth internal surfaces. The smooth surfaces help minimise potential dust hang-up within the filter chamber hence reduce the likelihood of internal blockages. Polex modular dust collectors are assembled from laser cut, folded and bolted 1.5 mm thick Galvanised sheetmetal panels. The material thickness has proven to minimise cost whilst maintaining strength. The dust collector support frame consists of heavy duty 100x100x3 mm SHS steel legs which are hot dip Galvanised to provide long lasting corrosion protection in harsh industrial environments.

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