Recent Projects

Barangaroo Project 2018.

Barangaroo Dust Filtration Systems

March 2018

Polex designed and engineered several dust filtration systems for Dust Collector Rentals, used for the excavation work carried out for the development of the new underground car park at Barangaroo NSW, the project was headed by Wards Construction.

Air filtration systems included 4 x 132 kW reverse pulse cartridge dust collectors with 15 m3/s airflow capacity at 4000 Pa static pressure fitted with 32 filter cartridges, control panel & VSD control. 4 x carbon filter systems with approximately 3000 kg of activated carbon fitted into cages / cassettes. 4 xHEPA filter systems with 72 HEPA filters 595 mm x 595 mm x 100 mm. 2 x 160 kW centrifugal fans with 30 m3/s airflow capacity at 2000 Pa static pressure fitted with a control panel & VSD control.

The HEPA filter systems filtered asbestos contaminants in the air and the dust collectors picked up the chemical contaminants and polluting odours on site.

Project was completed in the early the part of 2018.

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