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Dust collector for abrasive blasting dust

Dust Collector extraction system

July 2010

A project recently undertaken by Couray Fabrications involved a dust collection system for an abrasive blasting company in Victoria.

A comprehensive dust extraction system was designed and installed by Couray Fabrications whereby a Polex dust collector was used to extract air laden with abrasive blasting dust through heavy-duty ducting. A 15 kW centrifugal extraction fan was used on the clean side of the system to produce the necessary airflow required to extract the dusty air through two converted 40’ shipping containers.

A dust collector with reverse-pulse cleaning was required to cater for continuous blasting and effective filtration of the fine dust being generated. A dust collector containing 12 cartridges was selected to filter 12,000 m3/h of air, complete with 336 m2 of filter area. 28 m2 of Cellulose Polyester media was used in each filter cartridge which is a typical filter media used commonly throughout the abrasive blasting industry.

Three cylindrical 185 L dust collection bins were used to collect the dust, located beneath the hoppers and mounted on pallets for convenient removal and emptying.

Heavy-duty 3 mm thick folded and bolted sheetmetal panels are used for the construction of Polex dust collectors. Dust hang-up and potential blockages inside the dust collector are eliminated by the configuration and positioning of the dust collector panels. Polex’s modular design allows filter modules to be added later if more filter area is required (ie. for larger or additional blasting rooms).

The support structure is especially suited to heavy-duty industrial environments. The legs are hot dip Galvanised, making them suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Polex manufactures a large range of modular dust collectors using cartridge filters or bag filters. Along with the range of reverse-pulse units, Polex also manufactures shaker-type dust collectors for intermittent dust filtration applications.

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