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Dust extraction system
Dust extraction system

June 2015

Eziduct supplied and installed a Polex MDC 12000 S 15 kW shaker type dust collector to Darra Joinery in June 2015.

The dust collector was selected so as to extract and filter dust from an array of wood working machinery including a CNC, panel saw and edge bander.

The MDC 12000 S 15 kW is a shaker type dust collector capable of up to 12,000 m3/h of airflow delivered by a powerful 15 kW high efficiency centrifugal fan.

The dust collector filters are especially suited to timber dust due to the large diameter cylindrical bag which enables easy dust release during the cleaning cycle.

The dust collector is supplied complete with a 100 mm thick acoustic silencer which make the unit quiet despite the high airflow being produced.

The waste dust is discharged through a rotary valve airlock into a 3 m3 bin, but the unit can accommodate many different bin sizes due to the large cover that is fitted to the rotary valve.

The unit is fabricated from 1.5 mm and 3 mm thick Galvanised sheet metal panels which ensures a long a productive life against heavy use and corrosion.

The dust collector is operated by a control panel that is supplied with the unit. The fan, rotary valve and shaker motor is controlled by a PLC which is pre-programmed to enable the correct sequences for starting, stopping, cleaning and waste discharge.

The entire system was installed in less than 3 days which had the minimum interference with Darra Joinery’s production.

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