Recent Projects

Dust & Fume Extraction Systems at UTS Feit Off-Site Facilty

Modular Ducting System 6000 P

March 2018

Polex recently supplied and installed several dust & fume extraction systems for Fredon, at the new UTS Feit- Lord St, Botany Campus, in Sydney NSW.

Equipment supplied was made up of MDC dust collectors and associated accessories, including the MDC 4000 PC 5.5 kW dust collector, MDC 6000 PC 15 kW dust collector, MDC 4000 PC 7.5 kW dust collector, MDC 2000 PC 3 kW dust collector and the MDC 6000 PC dust collector, fans, fume arms, hose, ducting and fire dampers.

The air filtration equipment furnished the fuel test rooms, emission testing rooms and the large engine test rooms at the Botany Campus. The extraction systems will be filtering timber, metal, concrete and composite fibres on the UTS campus.

Project was completed in early 2018.

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