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Good Samaritan College

Dust extraction system
Dust extraction system

June 2015

Polex Environmental Engineering has been supplying and designing innovative industrial vehicle exhaust extraction systems for several years, and with their cumulative years of experience the business has grown from small scale projects to large scale installations across Australia.

With its extensive array of vehicle exhaust extraction products, Polex has been at the forefront of exceptional vehicle exhaust systems for the last 10 years.

A recent job in NSW Australia, saw Crest Air Conditioning purchase from Polex, two electric recoil vehicle exhaust hose reels 125 mm dia complete with 10 m of high temperature resistant crush proof flexible duct, two 0.75 kW centrifugal fans and associated ducting. The car tail pipe exhaust system extracts fumes from car exhausts while cars are running in the vehicle training workshop.

The industrial vehicle exhaust extraction system was installed at the Trade Training Centre Good Samaritan College, Hinchinbrook NSW.

Having had the vehicle exhaust hose reels running, the school has experienced a significant improvement within the workroom's air quality, for all students and teachers at Good Samaritan College.

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