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Dust collection system for wide-belt sander at Legno Veneer

Reverse-Pulse Dust Collection System at Legno VeneerReverse-Pulse Dust Collection System at Legno Veneer

May 2009

Polex’s reverse-pulse dust collectors are particularly suited for fine dust filtration and continuous loading. A clear example of Polex’s high performing dust extraction equipment is at Legno Veneer, located in Sefton, NSW.

Legno Veneer is a specialist in timber veneer products. A high capacity wide-belt sander is used to pre-sand panels and consequently produces large volumes of fine dust. To ensure that all dust was captured and filtered adequately, careful selection of the dust collector was needed.

To effectively capture the fine dust being generated from the wide-belt sander, Polex designed a duct manifold to connect to all of the outlets on the machine. The volume of air to be extracted was calculated and a dust collector and fan was selected on this basis. The dust collector selected was Polex's Modular reverse-pulse bag type dust collector with 20 m2 filter area. This was coupled with a powerful 15 kW centrifugal fan to provide the necessary airflow against the resistance through the wide-belt sander and associated ductwork. The reverse-pulse cleaning function of the dust collector allows the dust collector to clean the filters while the dust collector is running. The waste is discharged into a 185 L bin positioned under the dust collector.

The final installation proved to provide a dust free work environment for Legno Veneer. In addition, the dust filtration is less than 10 mg/m3 which satisfies the requirements of the Department of Environment and Climate change (DECC).

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