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Polex High Vacuum Dust Extraction System For Marand Precision Engineering

Polex high vacuum extraction system

August 2008

Polex recently supplied an extraction system for Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd in Moorabbin Victoria for installation at Boeing.

Dust extraction was required as a result of dust generated from machining of carbon fibre parts. This dust is both harmful to process operators and potentially harmful to the environment.

Polex designed and supplied a reverse pulse bag type dust extraction system with a 400 m3/h airflow capacity, 5 m2 filter area, 5.5 kW fan, discharge into an 80L bin and a direct on line control box with a capacity of 5.5 kW.

The high vacuum dust collection unit is mounted to the machine and ducted to the source of the dust.

Polex high-vacuum reverse-pulse dust collectors are constructed from 3mm and 5mm thick fully welded mild steel with a powdercoat finish. The filters are made from Gortex to increase filtration efficiency. The dust collector has 24VDC solenoid pulse valves and a 24VDC electronic pulse controller. This provides increased electrical safety for service and maintenance.

Polex high vacuum dust collectors can be manufactured to suit specific space constraints. All equipment and systems manufactured by Polex are high quality and competitively priced.

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