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Martogg's dust collection system

Dust extraction system
Dust extraction system

March 2015

Martogg, Australia's largest privately owned polymer distribution resin compounding and plastics recycling company, established in 1975, purchased a MDC 6000 P dust collector from Polex, to assist in the reduction of plastic particles from their manufacturing systems.

With heavy machinery being continuously operated from, the MDC 6000 P dust collector greatly reduced the pollutants from Martogg's manufacturing cycle.

The MDC 6000 P dust collector unit, is one that systematically self cleanses its own filters bags on a continuous basis with a reverse pulse action, with minimum amount of labour and energy to operate. Each MDC 6000 P dust collector is supplied with a standard Rotary Discharge Value ( or air lock), in addition to a high efficiency clean air fan that produces 25% more air than a traditional fan, generating considerable energy savings for a business.

The Variable Speed Drive is a optional energy saving device that lowers and increases the power consumption of the fan motor when the slide dampers are closed or open.Martogg were highly impressed with the level of improved air flow once the MDC 6000 P was installed, having reduced the plastic and resin pollutants from their manufacturing systems substantially.

All manufacturing areas had significant increased air movement and air clarity once the MDC 6000 P dust collector was connected

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