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Mermaid Kitchens, Dust Collection System.

Dust extraction system

March 2015

Polex, Australia's leading dust and fume extraction equipment manufacturers recently supplied their state-of-the-art dust collector for a project at Mermaid Kitchens at their Wetherill Park premises.

Mermaid Kitchens, a leading kitchen manufacturer and wholesaler, contracted Eziduct and Polex to resolve their dust issues, having high levels of dust escaping from their wood working machinery, which was producing high levels of dust within their factory.

Eziduct installed a commercial dust collection unit, the MDC 18000 S shaker type dust collector.

The MDC 18000 S dust extraction unit is an intelligent dust collector that automatically cleans its filter bags with a vibrating shaker motor which provides maximum filtering results.

The commercial dust collection unit produces 18,000 m3/h of air flow with its powerful 22 kW fan, generating exceptional suction for Mermaid Kitchens woodworking machines.

The dust extraction unit consists of heavy duty polyester needle felt filter bags that filter a high volume of dust quickly and efficiently.

With its modern design and features, the dust collector requires minimal amount of labour to assemble and significantly reduces the energy required to operate.

An additional feature on the MDC 18000 S dust collector unit is the Variable Speed Drive. This is a tremendous energy savings device that lowers the power consumption of the fan motor when certain wood working machines are not in use.

Since completion, Mermaid Kitchens have been extremely satisfied with the performance of the dust collector. The condition of the factory air has been significantly improved and there has been a high reduction of dust from their wood working machines.

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