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Polex vehicle exhaust system at Orbital Autogas Systems

Orbital Autogas SystemsOrbital Autogas Systems

November 2009

Polex's expertise in pollution control extends to equipment and systems to extract vehicle exhaust fumes. Regardless of size and airflow capacity, Polex is able to assess, design and install vehicle exhaust extraction systems for various vehicle types and facilities.

One recent vehicle exhaust project undertaken by Polex was at Orbital Autogas Systems, Arndell Park, NSW.

An important consideration for the system was the provision for expansion to accommodate additional vehicle bays. Polex integrated a variable speed fan controller into the design of the system so that the fan could be overrated to accommodate future airflow requirements.

Polex's choice of ducting for this project was Ezi-Duct due to the simple lock-together design which enables fast assembly and installation. All ductwork supplied was light gauge Galvanised sheetmetal round duct.

High temperature, crush proof rubber hoses were used between the Galvanised sheetmetal ducting and the vehicle connection nozzles. The nozzles supplied consisted of scratch-proof grippers so as not to scratch the vehicle exhaust pipes.

The ducting was connected to a centrifugal fan with 1,500 m3/h airflow capacity which catered for future airflow requirements. The exhaust fumes were discharged through an exhaust stack through the roof to 1 m above the roof line of the building.

Overall, the vehicle exhaust system installed has provided a fume-free work environment for Orbital Autogas Systems.

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