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Fume and Dust Extractors on Pipe Laying Ship, The Castorone.

Dust Collector extraction system

March 2015

Polex Environmental Engineering Pty Ltd recently completed their part of the Ichthys LNG Project in January 2015, contracted by Saipem to supply their Dust and Fume Portable e-Mission 2.2 kW and 4 kW units on their pipe laying vessel, the Castorone.

The Ichthys LNG Project is one that has been ranked as one of the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. Located 220km offshore Western Australia, it represents the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquid to be found in Australia in the last 40 years.

The project is 3 monumental projects rolled into one, which involves some of the largest offshore facilities in the industry, comprising of, a state-of-the-art on shore processing facility and an impressive 889 km pipeline, uniting them for an operations life of 40 years.

Ichthys LNG Project is a joint venture between INPEX (Operator), major partner Total, CPC Corporation and the Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chub Electric Power and Toho Gas.

Saipem the pipe laying contractor, sub contracted Polex to work on the offshore component, installing Polex's high performance dust and fume extraction units for their vessel, the Castorone.

The ship is one that is equipped with cutting edge technologies, which is responding to the present and future needs of offshore construction. These technologies are improving operations reliability, and reducing the environmental impact of construction activities.

Polex supplied their innovative dust collectors within the work stations on the ship, 8 dust collectors in the beveling stations, 4 dust collectors in the welding stations, 2 dust collectors in the sand blasting stations and 2 in the coating stations.

Dust Collector extraction system

The 2.2 kW units produce up to 2000 m3/h of suction and the 4 kW dust collectors produce up to 4000 m3/h

The units consist of a powder coated finish, weatherproof, 1.2 mm thick folded sheet metal construction, easy access lift-out cartridge filters, automatic reverse pulse cleaning and a carbon filter for odour removal.

Each dust collector is controlled by a PLC which automatically controls the unit to release compressed air into the filter cartridges at predetermined intervals. The PLC is also programmed to allow the cleaning to continue after the dust collector is stopped.

All units were customised to suit the special electrical requirements on the ship, and all dust collectors were fitted with Eziduct modular ducting for fast and convenient assembly.

The Ichthys LNG Project was one that cemented Polex as world leaders in environmentally sound pollution extraction equipment, by working with highly respected and internationally renowned companies such as Saipem and INPEX.

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