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Polex Environmental Engineering supplied and installed a dust collection system at Single Origin Roasters in Sydney NSW, in November 2015.

sawdust and welding extraction system

Nov 2015

Single Origin Roasters, purveyors of fine coffee, established their business in 2003 with a Surry Hills café and brew bar. Recent additions include a CBD café and a Roast Works in Botany, a specialty coffee bar where customers can sample coffee beans being brewed, roasted, cupped and blended.

The beans used are sourced as ethically and environmentally as possible, with roasting occurring under solar power.

A milk to tap system was established for their purpose built café. This innovative milk system reduces plastic bottles usage, milk wastage, a cleaner look with stainless steel taps replacing messy bottles, it generates improved coffee quality and consistency with its colder temperature flow of milk and it improves work flow for the barista with no bottles to open and close.

Polex installed one of their heavy duty dust extraction systems, designed to reduce coffee dust that was being expelled from Single Origin Roasters roasting and manufacturing systems, at the Roast Works establishment.

The dust collector selected was a Polex MDC 8000 PC 11 kW. This unit extracts and filters the coffee bean dust from the processing systems which include the green bean loader, roasting hopper, packing hopper and conveyor.

The dust collector consists of 8 antistatic filter cartridges with a total filter area of 224 m2. The unit is powered by a 11 kW high efficiency centrifugal extraction fan capable of 6360 m3/h airflow @ 3000 Pa pressure. The actual airflow is controlled by a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) which is set for the exact airflow required. When processes are not in use the VSD reduces the airflow automatically so as to reduce the energy being consumed. The dust collector is supplied complete with a 100 mm thick acoustic silencer which makes the unit quiet despite the high airflow being produced.

Having had the coffee bean dust collection system installed, Single Origin Roasters have seen significant improvements with the air quality, with a large percentage of the coffee bean dust being reduced, creating a cleaner environment for Single Origin Roasters employees.

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