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Strongbuild Manufacturing

Ducting upgrade

June 2016

Polex Environmental Engineering Pty Ltd completed their part of the Strongbuild Manufacturing project in June 2016, contracted by Strongbuild Manufacturing to install 2 MDC 48000 P dust collectors at their Bella Vista, NSW location.

Strongbuild Manufacturing Pty Ltd have established a fully automated, advanced panelisation manufacturing facility, which will be a first for Australia. Panelisation is the automated manufacturing of key building elements off site in a controlled factory environment. Walls, floors, roofs and joinery components are pre-finished in the factory then transported and assembled on site.

Panelisation reduces the negative variables associated with the building industry such as maintaining the build schedule, bad weather, excessive waste, labour shortage, and skilled sub contractor shortage. It allows for less risk, more certainty and more control.

The project involved Polex Environmental Engineering installing their intelligent dust collection units, the MDC 48000 P’s. The commanding dust collectors collect the wood dust from Strongbuild’s panelisation manufacturing systems and distributes the wood dust into large bins for collection.

Strongbuild Manufacturing selected to have Variable Speed Drives equipped with the MDC 48000 P dust collectors. A Variable Speed Drive is a highly efficient energy saving device that lowers and increases the power consumption of the fan motor when slide dampers to the machines are closed and opened. They are a cost saving and highly desirable device for the MDC series.

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