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Vehicle Exhaust Reels installed at Waverly Municipal Council Garbage Truck Depot.

Vehicle Exhaust Reels

March 2015

New vehicle exhaust hose reels from Polex Environmental Engineering were recently installed at the Waverley Municipal Council Garbage Truck Depot.Fitted with 10m of 150mm diameter vehicle exhaust hose and the Polex vehicle exhaust pipe hoods, the Australian designed and built Polex vehicle exhaust hose reels come complete with an electric motor and gearbox to enable the vehicle's exhaust hose to be lowered and raised with a remote pendant control.

Manufactured from corrosion resistant Galvanised steel, Polex vehicle exhaust hose reels can take vehicle exhaust hose from 200mm to 80mm in diameter.
Polex also offers industrial quality fans designed for vehicle exhaust hose reels, suitable for individual vehicle exhaust hose reels as well as units designed to provide sufficient air flow to be connected to multiple vehicle exhaust hose reels.

Polex Environmental Engineering is a 100% Australian owned company that designs and manufactures a diverse range of air filtration equipment including cartridge dust collectors, bag type dust collectors, fume extractors, mobile dust collectors, mobile fume extractors, fume arms, vehicle exhaust hose reels, scrubbers, cyclones, filters and all types of associated equipment such as ducting and flexible ducting.

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