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Dust collector refurbishment and ducting upgrade at Weston Aluminium

Dust Collector refurbishmentDucting upgrade

July 2010

Weston Aluminium is a successful Aluminium recycling company whereby environmentally friendly production and a healthy environment for all employees is a number-one priority. Polex was contracted to refurbish two enormous reverse-pulse dust collectors, as well as providing an efficient network of ducting to the fans and the heavy-duty recycling equipment within the factory.

Each of the existing dust collectors take up a 5 m x 5 m footprint and stand approximately 11 m high. Polex replaced all 560 filters in each dust collector. The new filters supplied were heavy duty 580 g/m2 Polyester needlefelt, suitable for filtering abrasive Aluminium Oxide dust. Polex's contract also included the refurbishment / replacement of the 56 pulse valves and various other associated consumables such as venturis and blow-pipes.

The total airflow capacity of the two dust collectors was 35 m3/s. New ducting was connected from the two dust collectors to two 90 kW centrifugal fans. The fans connect to a 1500 mm diameter clean-air discharge stack via a common transition fitting. An air velocity of 20 m/s from the stack discharge was specified to comply with licensing requirement stipulated by the Department of Environmental and Climate Change (DECC).

Polex's instructions were to re-use existing ducting where possible. Careful planning minimised plant down-time during the relocation and installation of all ducting. Australian duct manufacturer, Ezi-Duct Pty Ltd supplied all new ducting and fittings for the project. Fully welded heavy-duty rolled angle flanges were used on all straight ducting, bends and associated fittings. 3 mm thick galvanised sheetmetal material was used for all bends and branches, whilst 1.5 mm thick material was used for straight duct.

Many years of trouble free operation are expected at Weston Aluminium following the dust collector refurbishment and duct upgrade. Along with all operational requirements of the new system being met, Polex was able to offer a solution to meet budgetary constraints.

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