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Wholesale Joinery dust collection unit

Dust extraction system
Dust extraction system

March 2015

The MDC 36000 P is a modern dust collection system that generates clean filtered air to a series of manufacturing sectors.

Our most recent project at Wholesale Joinery with our MDC 36000 P dust collection unit, significantly improved the air quality for the kitchen manufacturing business by extracting dust from their wood working machines.

The MDC 36000 P dust collection system is one that automatically and continuously self cleans its filters bags with a reverse pulse action, and is supplied with high efficiency clean air fan that produces around 25% more air than a conventional fan, which greatly saves on energy costs for a business.

By incorporating the variable speed drive, which is optional for the MDC 36000 P, as part of the dust collection system at Wholesale Joinery, the energy consumption was again reduced considerably due to the device. With the lowering and increasing of the power expenditure of the fan motor, when the slide dampers were closed and opened.

The forceful MDC P dust collection system subsequently improved the air flow and clarity at Wholesale Joinery who were extremely happy with MDC 36000 P dust collection system from POLEX

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