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The Polex range of Dry Spraybooths are constructed from bolt-together sheetmetal panels. Dry paper filter media is fitted into the filter wall. The media is suitable to filter many paint and adhesive products. Spraybooths are supplied complete with axial extraction fan(s).

Operating Principle
The operator positions the object to be sprayed within the confines of the booth. Fresh air is drawn in through the front opening of the booth causing the overspray to be caught in the filter. The cleaned air is discharged out through the plenum behind the filter wall and out through a discharge duct.

Filter Monitoring The booth is supplied complete with a manometer to measure the resistance through the filter media. A set point is marked on thedevice indicating when the filter media needs to be replaced.

1mm thick sheetmetal construction.

Polex Dry Spraybooths Series
Model Internal Width (mm) External Width (mm) Internal Height (mm) Working Depth (mm) Overall Depth (mm) Airflow (L/s) Fan Quality
SBD 2 / 2.25 2000 2100 2250 1050 2100 2250 1
SBD 3 / 2.25 3000 3100 2250 1050 2100 3375 1
SBD 4 / 2.25 4000 4100 2250 1050 2100 4500 1
SBD 5 / 2.25 5000 5100 2250 1050 2100 5625 2

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